When time is of the essence

Double staff

  • The fastest way of delivery by vehicles with tachograph
  • 3.5/6/24T trucks are available
  • Trucks witht arpaulin, curtain, refrigerator or isotherm are available

Express logistics

  • A possibility of storage in the country as well as most of the UE countries
  • This service is useful when a vehicle breaks down and there is a need of storage , re-loading, sorting or co-packing

1.5T Delivery Van

  • The fastest mean of transportation by land
  • 5/8/10 pallet vans constantly available throughout Europe
  • A possibility to provide a van even up to an hour since the offer has been accepted.
  • Full monitoring of the transportation process
  • Rapports given with any chosen frequency
  • Availability 24/7

Unusual deliveries

When you can’t find the vehicle that you need to deliver for a problematic course, or there has been a breakdown during the realization of your transportation- contact us. These cases are our favorites. There are many ways to organize them- re-loadings, driver changes or distributing of  goods to smaller vehicles. In our work, we focus on creativity and searching for new solutions, and we treat organizing those kinds of deliveries as challenge.