We are sure that any transport organized by us will reach you or your receiver, meeting highest safety standards. We take care of selecting the best and most suited to your needs means of transportation. On principle, each transport is covered by OCP and OCS insurance.


We offer profitable rates and honest help with choosing a solution with best relation between price and the expected delivery time. What is more, we try to show you a few alternatives, so that you can choose the best one for you, considering your financial capabilities and the delivery time. Test us by sending us offer inquiry.

Response time

We are at your service throughout the whole day, 7 days a week, so that we can provide the possibility of organizing transportation even when our competitors are still sleeping. The moment we receive your inquiry, we start looking for the most convenient for you solution. We will  present you our offer in no more than 30 minutes. We are ready to provide a car all over Europe even within an hour since the offer has been accepted.

Electronic report system

Everyday till 9 a.m. you will receive an e-mail with link to you delivery status report. Reports via e-mail as well as text messages, on any other time of day are available on request. Because of that, you can get reliable information on the stage of your delivery. We value your time and we know how important communication is.


In our work, we focus primarily on early intervention, which allows avoiding costly mistakes. We believe that attention to detail is the key to success. We treat each transport individually and we carefully consider its every aspect. We use our experience so that you could, without fear, hand over part of your responsibilities, and be sure that everything will be 100% taken care of.

Meeting deadlines

Our specialty is critical deliveries, in which speed and punctuality are most important. We gained our experience mostly by organizing urgent deliveries to production lines for top Automotive business clients. We transfer the practice that we have into every transport organizes by us, so that you can be sure that the delivery will arrive on time.